Terms of Estrangement: The Lovers

By Pamela Zoslov The Lovers, a romantic comedy featuring the return to the screen of the elusive Debra Winger, reminds me of the adultery-themed farces that were prevalent in the 1960s, like A Guide for the Married Man (1967), in which practiced philanderer Robert Morse coached Walter Matthau on the best techniques for cheating on […]

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Norman’s Conquests

By Pamela Zoslov A recent celebrity quote I liked is from Richard Gere, the actor whose outspoken political views — protesting China’s occupation of Tibet on the Oscars red carpet, angering China and jeopardizing the overseas movie market — have sidelined him from the majors and led him to take roles in independent films. “I’m […]

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Iraq and a Hard Place: The Wall

By Pamela Zoslov The best news about The Wall, from Amazon Studios, is that it is not about President Trump’s pet barrier against “bad hombres” from Mexico. It also has nothing whatever to do with Pink Floyd. It is instead a one-set thriller about an American army sharpshooter trapped behind a wall, threatened and taunted […]

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