Iraq and a Hard Place: The Wall

By Pamela Zoslov The best news about The Wall, from Amazon Studios, is that it is not about President Trump’s pet barrier against “bad hombres” from Mexico. It also has nothing whatever to do with Pink Floyd. It is instead a one-set thriller about an American army sharpshooter trapped behind a wall, threatened and taunted […]

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Wilson: Drawn That Way

By Pamela Zoslov Dan Clowes’ Wilson is the kind of character that has long excited the imaginations of novelists, indie filmmakers and cartoonists like Clowes: a misanthropic loser who nonetheless feels superior to everyone else, and who spouts his cynical existential philosophy everywhere he goes. The type appeared in examples as diverse as John Kennedy […]

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The Last Word: Twilight Saga

By Pamela Zoslov Old people — what is to be done about them? In Washington, House Speaker Paul Ryan and company want to throw them off the public dole (“entitlements,” in the ruthless Republican argot). In Hollywood, seniors are either ignored or cast in formulaic comedies. In these vehicles, the old stars play problem people: […]

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Out of Africa: A United Kingdom

By Pamela Zoslov The British film director Amma Asante, a former child actress, has a special interest in issues of race in Great Britain. Her 2013 Belle told the story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, the mixed-race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral in 18th-century England. Her new film, A United Kingdom, tells another based-on-truth racial […]

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Last Comic Standing: The Comedian

By Pamela Zoslov I have come to think of certain Hollywood comedies as being like big, dumb, eager-to-please dogs (Golden Retrievers come to mind, no offense to that friendly breed). The Comedian, starring Robert De Niro as an aging insult comic, is one such dog. Unlike many of my film-critic colleagues, I don’t deplore these […]

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